New kitchen…nearly ready!

Six months ago we balked when the French authorities told us we needed to upgrade to a restaurant grade kitchen if we wanted to continue supporting refugees. The same authorities who where taking shoes, slashing sleeping bags and spraying pepper spray in water tanks, were concerned that we weren’t washing the salad for displaced peoples correctly. This demand however would bring us up to local norms, and would be a great improvement in functionality.

The amount of money and work needed was immense and intimidating, but after many hundreds of hours of planning, fundraising, and building we are proud to say that our new kitchen is almost ready!

A message from co-founder Paula Gallardo

26166207_10154939979005755_4462941993404545394_nThank you all for your messages of support, your likes and loves, all your shares and donations!

The work in Calais is getting tough as the cold sets in. Colder days with northwest winds and freezing downpours are desperately difficult for all the refugees sleeping rough in the woods and worrying for those of us trying to care for them.

The authorities are quick to destroy any bedding and shelter. We’re not sure how people are surviving without tents and sleeping bags.

Even in tough financial times for RCK (and all the groups helping <3 L’Auberge des Migrants, Help Refugees Utopia 56), our food still flows.

This autumn we really tightened the belt and looked hard at how to make diminishing donations last until spring. After that who knows… We will carry on serving nourishing food for as long as we can.

We are still the ONLY source of hot food in the region, providing 2750 meals a day with as much honour & dignity as possible.

Your many fundraisers are filling us with hope and assuring us that we’re not alone. It’s so nice to know that everyone cares.

Refugee Community Kitchen is a community project that is funded purely by YOU, without any government help. Only people helping people. We are proud, and you should be too.

If anyone has fundraising ideas and tools, is thinking of getting their community involved, or has connections to high profile people who care, please contact us at

Please help us help thousands of souls make it through the winter by sharing and giving what you can ->

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts (in the same way that we are thanked by the beautiful people we are serving every single day).

Much Love,

RCK November Newsletter

Hello Fine Friends, Family & RCK Supporters,

It’s windy & rainy here but thankfully temperatures have not yet dipped to the normal biting autumn conditions. That being said, winter is coming.

Besides making 2550 meals a day (over 75,000 a month), and providing ingredients to those with cooking capacities, we are working hard on the new kitchen (it’s almost finished) and raising funds and awareness. We’ll needyour help if we are going to support people during the brutal winter months! 

Our work is hard but we’re blessed compared to the 1200-1500 people living in horrible conditions in northern France. Local authorities continue their dissuade & disperse tactics, including violent dawn raids, bedding destruction, theft of footwear, etc., as if living outdoors without basic sanitation wasn’t bad enough.

We are dangerously low on funds, in order to carry on we need your help

Hello from RCK!

Our unbroken service of almost 23 months has been made possible by your enthusiasm and consistent help! We thank all who continue to support us and all that are getting involved.


Refugee Community Kitchen

Here’s a sneak peek from the RCK recipe calendar we’re putting together. Soon you’ll be able to support us by buying a calendar full of our favorite soul-warming recipes! 


By Ugo Alessandro Conti


– 400g Basmati

– 400g Cooked Chickpeas

– Herbs: Dill, Coriander, Parsley, Mint,Leeks/Spring Onions

– 5 Cloves of Garlic cloves

– Salt

– Sunflower Oil

– Olive Oil


Wash rice then soak in salted lukewarm water for about an hour.

Heat the oven to 190. Roast the chickpeas in olive oil and salt for 20 minutes-ish until golden & crunchy.

Peel the garlic and chop into chunks. Wash the Herbs and chop them finely.

Drain the rice then boil the mix of Herbs in water, oil & salt. Bring back to boil, wait five minutes and then boil the Basmati for 4/5th of the cooking process of the grain (until it is about 75% done). Drain.

Take a pot. Oil the bottom of it and add a sprinkle of water, add the rice, roasted chickpeas and garlic. Put the lid on and steam for 40 minutes on medium-low heat without opening.

At this point you should have a nice an fragrant smell of rice and herbs. Flip the pot upside-down and serve this crispy cake-shaped rice dish.

RCK Newsletter October 2017

We just released our very first newsletter! Besides our latest news, we sent out our recipe for one of the soul-warming meals we recently served to refugees in Calais. We wanted to share that recipe with you here too!



500g Dried chickpeas
12 Large Organic Eggs hardboiled peeled & coarsely chopped
2 Large Onions peeled & finely chopped
3 Large Potatoes washed, peeled, diced 4-5cm
100g Ginger peeled & pureed with sunflower oil
2 Heads Garlic peeled & finely chopped
2 tbsp. Tomato Paste
100g Butter
3 tbsp. Sunflower Oil
2 x 400g Chopped Tin Tomatoes
2 Handfuls Fresh coarsely chopped coriander, stalk & all
6 Fresh Hot Green Finger Chillis, sliced in half length ways
2 tbsp. whole Cumin seeds
2 tbsp. whole Coriander seeds
1 tbsp. Cardamom seeds (no pods)
1tbsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp. Fenugreek powder
¼ tsp. Asafoetida powder
3 tbsp. Coriander powder
2 tbsp. Mild curry powder
1 ½ tbsp. Brown sugar
2 tbsp. Lemon juiceMETHODSoak the dried chickpeas over night in a generous amount of water.
Rinse and cook in generous amount of water (10cm above chickpea level) for 40 mins-1hr or until tender. Leave to cool in the cooking liquid (keep the liquid).On a medium heat, heat sunflower oil in heavy bottomed large sauce pan. Fry chillis until golden brown, remove from pan and set aside. Add cumin powder, coriander powder and cardamom seeds to hot oil and fry until golden and starting to pop, now add all of the powdered spices, stir well, then add garlic and ginger.Keep stirring. If the spices start to catch add a sprinkle of the chopped onions and a little chickpea cooking water as necessary. Once garlic and ginger have reduced to a soft, sticky consistency (4-5mins), add the rest of chopped onions and continue stirring until onions have reduced and curry base has reached a thick sticky consistency (8-10mins), adding a little chickpea cooking water when needed.

Now add chopped tomatoes and tomato puree and simmer for 10mins. Add potatoes, some chickpea water and a little salt, simmer for approx. 8mins, then add cooked chickpeas, salt and sugar. Simmer until potatoes are tender (6-10mins). When cooked, add butter and lemon juice. Adjust seasoning to taste, one handful of fresh coriander and chopped eggs, stir gently.

Garnish with fried chillis and remaining chopped fresh coriander.
Serve with basmati rice or fresh chapatti or flat bread and salad.


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Lord Dubs & Barbara Winton visit RCK

We had an inspirational and motivational visit to the kitchen in Calais from Lord Alf Dubs and Barbara Winton, escorted by the lovely people from Help Refugees & Safe Passage UK.

Alf Dubs shared his story with all the volunteers of having been a child on the Kindertransport in 1939 and how it has inspired him to lobby the UK government to take more child refugees. His story was moving and empowering for all the volunteers in Calais to believe that the work we are doing is important and making a huge difference to peoples future.


Summer at RCK

Work continues everyday in our temporary kitchen, supplying 2600 meals per day to refugees in the Calais and Dunkirk area. We are sadly very low on funds for the daily output and maintenance of our kitchen, coupled with the costs of building our new expanded kitchen to meet growing need and to fulfil French health and safety regulations.
After much planning and preparation, physical work has started on the construction of our new kitchen, we have had some very kind help with some costs toward this but are still very much in need of financial support.

With your help we have achieved so much, since our first meals cooked on the 1st of December 2015 we have made and distributed over 1,500,000 meals, not missing a day of service. This service has made a huge difference to many thousands of people, with your help we hope to continue this work here and in other areas of great need.

If you or any friends or groups you may know could help with fundraising please let us know, or if you can support us with a donation of any size, as a one off payment or a monthly donation, RCK and the people we support would be eternally grateful.