R.C.K Calais/Dunkirk after the fire…

18156387_10155281234486255_1390313073441109505_oWe have been very busy salvaging as much equipment from the RCK community kitchens/Women’s Centre/Children’s Centre /Wood Yard.

Being back in the camp as it was being cleared of burnt shelters and buckled kitchens was a surreal experience after being there just over a year ago when we were building this camp which was to serve as a place of refuge and safety for thousands of displaced people. It wasn’t perfect but it served its purpose and we say goodbye and swiftly move on to the new situation at hand.

Right now in Calais and Dunkirk there are still hundreds of refugees, mainly men who are living in woods and under bridges without shelter as the authorities are not allowing people to settle in one place. This makes RCK’s job all the more difficult as we have to move about in order to get the much needed food to people who have no access to food or cooking facilities. Volunteers are being amazing but the last 3 weeks are taking their toll and we are still in need of volunteers to come over and help in all departments from cooking to driving.

Over the next month RCK will be playing it by ear and will adapt to the changing situation on the ground, we will also be sending food to other kitchens in camps across the whole of Europe as refugees still arrive by boat and over land in hope of some kind of normality and stability.

Please do continue your support of RCK by getting the word out that we need people on the ground and that this situation is changing but not going away…

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