Latest on the fire at Grande Synthe in Dunkirk

17903541_10158493280585384_673737028790384261_nAs some are aware the Dunkirk Refugee Camp, Grande Synthe, was all but destroyed by fire late Monday evening. The phone calls started around 9.30pm and what followed was a tragic and long night where refugees once again had to flee to safety, losing their papers, their belongings – the little they had managed to hold on to was gone.

With the incoming news, all the volunteers from Refugee Community Kitchen arrived at the warehouse at the same time, the lights went on, the gas rings lit, chai put on the boil, flapjacks cut up, more pulses put in to soak, teams formulated, plans hatched, logistics and safety plans repeatedly talked out and constant communication with all other groups on the ground.

For the next 48 hours Refugee Community Kitchen ran continuously in a first response system with tag teams doing nights to those taking over in the morning or some just carrying on through. I can’t even tell you how professional, enthusiastic, patient, hardworking, ethical, determined and committed all the volunteers have been. In times of darkness things shine.

The RCK response is continuing 4 days on as the refugees are ferried about from sports halls to holding centres, distribution teams take food to the woods, the centres, the lakes, roadside distributions and make sure that food and emergency packs get to refugees as and when they need them.

We don’t have enough words of gratitude to the RCK team on the ground, you have made everyone so proud. You are all an asset to humanity. ( I want to cry writing this ) With gratitude Paula, Sam, Steve and Janie. Once again Thank you <3

We will update you as to what is most needed in the coming days but please keep this crisis current and remind everyone that we still need volunteers, aid, fundraising and support.