The Refugee Community Kitchen family grows…

kids-bring-vegetables-from-lille-copy….as Calais Kitchens hands over all it’s operations to RCK

Since the eviction of the Calais Jungle, we have been working to supply food to the nearby Dunkirk camp and street outreach teams in Paris and London but as the vast numbers of refugees have now left Calais we have decided go back to our beginnings one year ago when Refugee Community Kitchen and Calais Kitchens was one team.

Calais Kitchens, its stock and funds will be absorbed by Refugee Community Kitchen and we will continue to provide hot and cold food to wherever it is needed in Northern France and further afield. 

Our work is far from over and with your continued support, we can continue to get food to the people who need it most. 

What RCK and Calais Kitchens achieved together in the last year was truly staggering and we need you with us more than ever as we try to help refugees who have been dispersed in the middle of a very cold winter.

In all the places we support, people are sleeping outside or in flimsy tents in the middle of a very cold winter – it was minus nine in Paris the other night. The need for nutritious food is greater than ever for these people so please keep helping us to help them. 

RCK will continue in the same vein as we have for the past year, collaborating with the teams on the ground in this current crisis. Please continue your amazing support by coming out and volunteering in the kitchens and shops, and by bringing the aid that is still desperately needed as well as your fantastic financial support.

With Love & Dignity we can continue to make changes for the better.

– Refugee Community Kitchen / The Calais Kitchens family