News on RCK Kitchen upgrade and Camp restaurants ruling from Lille…

So good news with the court in Lille ruling to halt for now all planned evictions of restaurants and community centres, we are all very happy and pleasantly surprised that the judge responded to reason.

Destroying the restaurants would have been a cruel and inhumane, and just goes to show the contempt that some of the governmental officials have for the vulnerable and displaced people who live there n the camp,people who are simply searching for peace and a place to be in this world.

The Calais camp is over 9000 people and rising 864 who are children, our food output and is steadily rising, we currently make 2000 hot composite meals per day and need is growing. Our sister group Calais kitchens whom we work closely with and support are serving food parcels of dry foods and basic vegetables to all 9000 residents weekly.

We have with your help expanded our work area, burner units and serving container capacity. All energies are gearing up for the growing need, and with the kind and energetic support of donors and volunteers we are rising to meet the basic needs of all here that need it .

The support and many fundraising initiatives are the life blood of this project, thank you from us and all whom receive the resources that you have all made possible.

We need more support now than ever so please if you or anyone you know can in any way, please fundraise, donate or volunteer. .

Money is the best resource as we can receive as it enables us to buy the wholesale amounts of food by the tonne at the best prices, meaning we can reach as many people as possible .

To donate , please fill in gift aid form as we will receive 25% more from the government for every pound donated!

To donate click here

To volunteer as a experienced cook/ chef email us
To volunteer as a general volunteer email Calais Kitchens

Love and thanks to you all

The RCK team ❤️🌍❤️

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