Refugee Community Kitchen Spring update Sam & Steve

Hello people, over these last few weeks we’ve been wondering at the industry and thoughtful collective endeavours of all the volunteers that have made this project and all connected projects possible. This response has been spontaneously created to meet the needs of this crisis, a crisis which is an undeniably profound and sad symptom of what we know is wrong with our global political economy.
There is clearly lots right in our global community too, as between us there has been an incredible coming together for a common humanitarian cause.We’ve been deeply humbled and enthused by the strength in human nature by the huge response to this refugee crisis, from all facets of society.
The R.C.K team would like to thank you for all your support over the last six months. Without your continued support, we would not have been able to maintain and develop the fantastic work taking place in the Calais and Dunkirk refugee camps. The following is a short re-cap on what you have helped to achieve:
• Feeding up to 2500 residents a day with hot, healthy and balanced meals for over 150 days non-stop in both the Calais (Jungle) and Grande Synthe (Dunkirk) camps,to date thats over 300,000 full meals !
• Developing positive links with communities in both camps as well as working with the Refugee Council in the Calais camp to Build communal kitchens allowing the residents to cook.
• Working alongside MSF (Medecins Sans Frontières), Aid Box Convoy – Bristol to Refugees in Europe,and the Mayor of Grande Synthe to create the new La Linière camp in Grande Synthe (Dunkirk).
• At the La Linière camp we have built 4 communal spaces consisting of 7 kitchens with a total of 28 wood fired cookers, fully accessible hot running water plus dedicated Women’s Areas.
• We have built a fully equipped kitchen in Dunkirk so that the residents are able to cook for the entire camp; providing the community with delicious food that they prefer and want to eat. As well as a bakery that supplies fresh, hot bread daily to all the residents.
• Working closely with Calais Kitchens, L’Auberge des Migrants Artists in action – AiA !, and many other volunteer groups to supply raw ingredients and kitchen utensils to thousands of refugees everyday. This enables mothers, aunts and sisters to join together in cooking meals for their children and families.
• Giving a little dignity back to fellow humans who have been put through hell and back.
When the team initially began to run the Refugee Community Kitchen (with your help and team of amazing volunteers!), we had no idea that we would be here, 6 months later and feeding as many people now as when we began! We did not expect that there would be 40 new refugees a day still turning up to the Calais camp in May 2016. We also did not predict that we would be planning to stay here for the foreseeable future. We cannot just walk away from this ongoing crisis and return to our “normal” lives. We are in this for the long haul!

R.C.K is now planning for the future. We have linked up with prism the gift fund to ensure that we can continue to supply hot, nutritious food and some much needed compassion to all that need it, be it in Calais or further south in Greece.
Once again, we call on your continued support to help us to help others.

We have a new fundraiser with BT Mydonate

This new method of fundraising allows us to accept a single or monthly donation, as well as receive a further 25% of any donation paid by UK taxpayers via the Gift Aid Program (paid by the UK Government). If you are a UK taxpayer please fill in all the info and tick the Gift aid button so that we receive that vital extra 25%.
Please share our BT Mydonate page far and wide and donate what you can, even if it’s £5 per month. One thing we have learned over the last five months is that that every contribution helps!
We are ever grateful for your generosity and compassion. All of this could not have happened without you!
Many thanks to “Church of the latter day saints” for the recent kind donation of our powerful new combi oven and two walk in refrigerators, and to “Just Give” charity, for the donation of one of the Tandoor ovens currently making 1000-1500 flatbreads a day. A big thank you to “Lush” for sustained donations and continued support.
With love and many thanks from all of the R.C.K Team and all the residents of the Calais and Dunkirk camps.
Here are some pictures Illustrating the collective ingenuity and ongoing works.

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